Jewel Cleaning

Get Your Priceless Jewelleries Cleaned At Reasonable Price

We love to clean the precious and beautiful jewellery of our clients. Yes, we know that it is one of the most unique and rare services that you can get in the cleaning industry in Croydon and Sutton and Purley. But A26 LTD is known for its exclusive and extensive range of services which includes Jewellery cleaning as well.

Why You Need This Service

There are lots of reasons which can snatch the shine of your valuable jewellery items. It can be the gradual aging, the excessive use or the harsh weather condition that can have a deeply negative impact on the shine and polish of the jewellery and gradually the items look dull and ugly.

A proper cleaning process can retrieve that shine and help you to get back the beauty of the piece.

Jewellery items that have stone and diamonds set on them need extra cleaning. Dirt and dust can get stuck under those stones and that can reduce the shine of the same. It demands special skill to remove that dirt and bring back the shine. Our experts can polish the jewellery to get back its original shine when you lose the same because of regular use.

How We Do It

We use advanced techniques for this service

  • Ultrasonic cleaning to remove the dirt
  • Steam cleaning to get back the lost shine

Sometimes it is not the price that makes a jewellery item valuable to you, but the countless memories attached to that piece makes it your favourite. Our cleaning process will help you to remove the stain and dirt from that item and you can again find it shining.

Please call us to know the pricing and other details of this service.