About Us

Who We Are

A26 LTD is a dedicated, professional and efficient domestic and commercial cleaning company based in South London and provides the services mainly in Croydon and Sutton and Purley. We have been working in this industry for several years and now have earned a good reputation in the market as a reliable cleaning company.

What We Do

We clean properties – both commercial and domestic ones. We have experienced and trained staffs who know how to use the modern cleaning devices and apply the right techniques to clean various places like roof, walls, windows, garages, driveways, gardens, floors and others. We can clean the delicate glass windows as well as the rough concrete walls. At the same time, we can offer waste removal and related services for your property as well.

How We Do

We inspect the place which our clients want us to clean. The inspection helps us to understand the severity of the stains and our experts can decide what should be the cleaning method for the same. We use the most advanced tools and apply the latest technologies while fighting against the stubborn stains, dirt and dust. We clean every corner of that place and ensure that it becomes thoroughly clean. Our staffs have body cameras on while cleaning your place to proof how efficiently and honestly they perform their tasks.

Our Aim

After spending so many years in this cleaning industry, we understand the value of the clean and tidy property. Both commercial and private properties require this service. We aim to help them with the best cleaning experience without any hazards.

We Aim To Offer Cleaning Service That Add Value To Your Property

Why Choose Us

  • We have the power of the latest technologies
  • We have trained and reliable staffs
  • We have experience working with commercial and domestic clients
  • We can deal with the most challenging cleaning tasks
  • We use the latest cleaning solutions that are not harmful to your property
  • We are renowned for finishing our tasks on time
  • We offer our services at a competitive price

If you think that all these features are enough to rely on our services, then you can call us.